The Clinic

Smile is an asset and if you haven’t got a perfect one yet,
then u are a at a perfect place we bet!!
Welcome to Impressionz dental clinic…

We deliver best treatment to our patients with the help of finest doctors and latest technologies. our calm and soothing ambience with extremely friendly staff leave you with a never before dental treatment experience…Utmost patient care and painless dentistry are our highlights while maintaining strict standards of sterilization and economies are at the top of our priority list.

All in all for a never before dental experience enveloped in an relaxing ambience, Impressionz is ought to impress you!
A well designed smile is a product of consolidated efforts accomplished by accurate diagnosis, methodical treatment planning, use of advanced materials and contemporary techniques. All of which is accomplished at IMPRESSIONZ with care, comfort and absolutely painless techniques by our skilled professionals at very affordable prices.
  • Our fully automatic chairs make you totally comfortable giving you a totally relaxed environment even in a longer treatment.
  • Disposables materials are used wherever possible with our efforts to maintain strict sterilization, with conjunction of protective barriers of gloves, facemask ,drapes etc.
  • We have intraoral cameras which helps patients to appreciate and record their current status of teeth seeing visually themselves.
  • Radiovisiograph or RVG is the computerized xray machine which gives xray within seconds, giving more enhanced images unlike the old ones which needed to undergo series of developing and fixing proceedures.
    Also the most important part is 90% less radiation transmission in RVG compared to the traditional xray machines, making it safe for all individuals from radiation exposures.
  • Rotary Endodontics or machine rootcanal has bought a revolution of accurate rootcanaltreatments making in once in a lifetime treatment. Complete eradication of infection and perfect treatment is delivered in our clinic.