Teeth Whitening & Bleaching

Whitening & Bleaching

You can make the saying” Teeth as white as pearls “now absolutely real for yourself!! Let others be amazed by your naturally beautiful white teeth with bleaching or whitening procedure.

• Shun down your old, dull and yellow looking teeth and get completely dazzling white fashionable smile. OR
Even if you are already blessed with a white smile you can achieve the brightest and whitest looking smile possible!!!
• With instant whitening solutions…..you can get an amazing makeover of your smile in just 60 minutes without any side-effects!!
• Ou can also opt for home bleaching systems where you can gradually get a transformation in 2-3 days at home.
 Both results last upto 2years or more*
 Very comfortable and absolutely safe
 At Impressionz Dental Care… whitening is a very common procedure hence, very affordable and competitively priced!!!