The general reaction of patient undergoing rootcanal treatment in impressionz dental care is SURPRISE!! They just can’t believe it’s that simple and painless!!

Infected nerves of the teeth give you sleepless nights which is accurately treated for lifetime with rootcanal treatments.

With rootcanal revolution extraction of teeth is almost a nil procedure now…… when a tooth is traumatized, broken or badly decayed , the nerve of the teeth is damaged. This leads to infection of teeth. Patient generally presents with lots of pain which almost gives them sleepless nights!!

Rootcanal treatment is the treatment of the nerves of the tooth…

Its mostly a single visit treatment where the nerves of the teeth is cleaned in order to remove the infection completely from the root and seal the teeth ends so that there is no recurrence of the infection for life time. At impressionz, rootcanal treatment is totally machine operated which makes the treatment even more accurate, absolute and totally painless!!

Post and Core

Even if the teeth is badly broken down after rootcanal treatment it can be restored completely with a post and core ( screw) treatment which builds up the strength of the teeth.

Rootcanal is generally followed by a cap or crown to protect the teeth.

Our key points
  • Entire Painless procedure
  • Single sitting rootcanal
  • Rotary/machine rootcanal
  • Post and core treatment for badly broken down teeth